Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yippee! I finished a Knitting Project!!

Alert the media!!

I actually finished knitting something. This month, in the Knitting Help Forum, our monthly KAL is "Turn UFOs into FOs" (UFOs are "unfinished objects" for those of you that are not wise to that knitting term.)

Here's the first thing I completed. It's a cushy blue baby blanket. :)

Cushy Blue Folded

Cushy Blue Baby Blanket

I started this blanket back in September of 2007. Using two yarns held together (Red Heart Plush and Lion Polarspun), I cast on and was planning on making the entire blanket with those yarns. Unfortunately, I ran out of the Lion Polarspun yarn before I got to the other corner. What a pain! I couldn't get anymore of the Polarspun yarn, because it was discontinued. So, I had to come up with a different plan.

I decided to unravel the knitting a little past the center, and added a different yarn for the middle section. (Luz Poesia) It's just as thick on its own as the other two yarns were when held together. So, it worked just right! :)

Cushy Blue Center Stripe

Last night, I finally finished knitting the entire blanket, and it looks great! So cushy and soft.

Cushy Blue Corner

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