Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finished Projects in December

I was able to finish a few things this month, in the midst of the usual seasonal craziness in my life.

Copied a vintage Christmas stocking for a customer, using the free vintage pattern I found online. After measuring the original stitch gauge, I determined that Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" would work to the correct gauge, and had matching colors.  They turned out just right, and the customer was pleased. :)  The original stocking is on the left - it says "E R",

Completed Christmas Stockings

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time at a local sports bar, talking, drinking, eating, and knitting while I'm there.  I've made a lot of fun friends this way, and they all take an interest in my knitting and crochet.  One of the bartenders there asked me to knit her a scarf, using black, grey, and white yarns.  I had a skein of Red Heart Boutique Changes in my stash, with shades of grey - so that's what I used.  I cast on 230 stitches with a size US 11 knitting needle, and knit every row.  When I ran out of yarn, I cast off.  It turned out pretty good!



One of the projects I've been making while sitting at the bar is a Crochet Prayer Shawl, using a free pattern on the Yarnspirations website.  I used 5 skeins of Bernat Satin yarn in the color "Sunset", which is bright orange.  Lots of sports fans wanted to claim my shawl, because their favorite team happened to have that shade of orange as their team color.  But, I told them that this shawl was for a friend.  (I think I might actually claim it for myself!)

Prayer Shawl - Getting Started

Crochet Prayer Shawl

What did you knit for the month of December?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Yarnspirations News: 2014 Caron Mystery Adventure Scarf!

Most of you already know that I work for Yarnspirations.  You might not know what I actually do there, though.  Well, it's like this.  It changes from day to day.  Sometimes, I moderate the forum on their website.  Other times, I'm surfing through their Facebook posts, offering my help there as well. Occasionally, I write an article on the Yarnspirations Blog.  Once in a while, you'll find me on Ravelry, talking to Yarnspirations customers there as well.  I run the Ravelry Yarnspirations group, and the Bernat Crafters group, among other things.

I don't really know what my "title" is.  Who knows.  Doesn't matter to me. I'm just happy to work for them.  I have a TON of yarn in my craft room, and I never run out of projects to make.  Lots of pattern books, and thousands of free patterns as well.  When I die, you'll find yarn, yarn, yarn, and even more yarn....because there is no way I will EVER use all of this.

Right now, we are in the middle of a Mystery KAL/CAL, and I'm having a lot of fun with it.  Every week, we get a new clue, which includes 3 options for a knitted or a crocheted scarf.  Everyone's scarf will be completely different.  Neat!

I'm doing both crafts - knit and crochet.

For my knitted scarf, I'm using Caron United yarn in the colors Navy, Burgundy, and Aran.

My Yarn

For my crocheted scarf, I'm using the happy shades of Orange, Red, and Mustard.

Caron United Colors

Here's how they look so far:

For the knitted section, I used Option A (beginner) from Clue #1
The crocheted scarf was made using Option C (intermediate) from Clue #1

I got Clue #2 this week, so I need to get going on those.  I don't want to fall behind in this project.  It's quick and fun, so I have no excuse.  Wish me luck!

If you want to join us in the KAL/CAL, sign up over there --> Mystery Scarf

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebrating 7 years of Oddball Blankets for Charity!

Exactly seven years ago tomorrow (Friday, February 21st - 11 am EST) is our 7th Anniversary for making Oddball Blankets for charity!  Read where it all started right HERE.

To celebrate the event, I will be having a GIVE-AWAY tomorrow!

Just go to Shandeh's Facebook Page, and "like" the post about the 7th Anniversary.  
(deadline for entering - Feb 22 @ midnight - end of the day)

Your name will be entered in a drawing for free knit/crochet pattern books.  :)

I am amazed that our blankets are still being made all over North America.  My little idea grew into a huge thing, and the world is better for it. :)

Now, there are several Oddball Knitter groups, making blankets for charity:

East Coast Oddball Knitters

Western Regions Oddball Knitters

Western Canada Oddball Blanket Society

Thank you all for your hard work, making blankets for charity!

Oddball Charity Blanket KAL KH Button
Oddball Blanket #2 Complete

KAL button - Oddball Baby Blanket
Peppy Pastels Baby Blanket Complete!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting Stuff DONE!

I've been missing the Yarnspirations website, while they are going through major maintenance.  But, thankfully, I have LOTS of their patterns already downloaded to my computer.
(By the way, if you need one of their patterns right now, you can request it from Customer Support through email, because their email is working just fine:

So, I've been working on some unfinished projects, and starting work on some others I've been wanting to make.  As luck would have it, it's been snowing in my area, so this has given me MORE opportunity for working on my existing projects.

Take a look:

Valentine Dishcloth - DONE

Valentine Dishcloth

Mod Flower Dishcloth, from Bernat's "Bright Ideas" pattern book - DONE

Crochet Dishcloth for B&B Owner

Yoga Socks, using Patons Kroy Socks yarn - DONE

Yoga Sock Complete

And I've been crocheting some more of the "Wagon Wheels" I started last year.  I was able to make 11 wheels with one skein of Vickie Howell "Sheepish" yarn.  I have two skeins left, so I think that will be enough to make a nice scarf or wrap.

Sheepish Wagon Wheels

I've also cast on the "Ripple Baby Blanket", using Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, in the colors "Pitter Patter" and "Baby Yellow".  Photos for that soon.

Bernat Baby Blanket - Pitter Patter

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Video Reviews: Patons, Bernat, Caron

Over the past year or so, I've been making videos of Patons, Bernat, and Caron yarns when I use them for the first time.  I've made playlists on YouTube for each brand.  Check 'em out!

Bernat Yarns - My Reviews

Patons Yarns - My Reviews

Other Yarns - My Reviews

Be sure to check back occasionally, because I'll be adding new videos as time goes by, and they will be added to the playlists.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting, my friends!  :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Valentines Day Crochet-Along - A Sweet Dishcloth!

Time to celebrate love and happiness!  Get your crochet hook (size H), and four colors of  cotton yarn (white, pink, red, and light blue).  Won't this dishcloth be pretty in your kitchen? Go to the Yarnspirations Forum to join me in making this pattern.  The Crochet-Along starts Sat, Jan 25th.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quick Super Bulky Infinity Scarf

The latest scarf trend is infinity scarves/cowls, and they are EVERYWHERE! My mother asked me to make one for her, but none of the patterns I found went well with the yarns I had.  Most designs I found would take a very long time to make, and I wanted one right now!

Since I needed something quick, I decided to use some lightweight super bulky yarn in my stash.
Bernat Knit or Knot Clara.  I have several skeins, in sets of two skeins each.  I knew that it would take two skeins to make the scarf long enough.  After my first failed attempt (too long, and too thin), I finally got it figured out.

I gave my first completed scarf to my sweet friend Maddie.  She loves it!  (and it looks great on her)

Here's how I made it:

Super Bulky Infinity Scarf

Materials: 2 hanks of Bernat Knit or Knot "Clara"
Size 19 (16 mm) circular needle - 29 inches long
Large Eyed Yarn Needle for weaving in those huge ends!

If you can't find Bernat Knit or Knot "Clara" yarn (it's been discontinued), look for a soft, lightweight super bulky yarn that knits to a gauge of 2 stitches per inch with a size 17 (13 mm) knitting needle.

Pattern:  Loosely cast on 100 stitches with size 19 knitting needle.  Join in the round.

Round 1 - Knit
Round 2 - Purl
Rounds 3 & 4 - Knit
Round 5 - Purl
Rounds 6 & 7 - Knit
Round 8 - Purl
Round 9, 10, & 11 - Knit
Round 12 - Purl
Rounds 13 & 14 - Knit
Round 15 - Purl
Rounds 16 & 17 - Knit
Round 18 - Purl
Cast Off, then weave in ends.


Here's a photo of Bernat Knit or Knot Clara, so you know what the original yarn looks like:

That yarn comes in a long hank, so you'll need to get a friend to hold it for you, as you wind it up into a big ball.  Or, you can use a fancy yarn swift. :)   Here's a video, showing how to wind up that yarn:

Here's another one I made, using a different color of the same yarn:
Knit Knot Clara Infinity 3
Edited: I miscounted the center rows when I originally posted the pattern.  There should be 3 knit rows in the center, instead of 5.  So, there are 18 total rows for the design.  Happy Knitting!

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