Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time to Knit for Myself a Little Bit!

Since I've been knitting for charity so much, I've decided that maybe I should actually knit something for myself for a change.

So, I've been trying to finish some of the UFO's (unfinished objects) in my craft room, as well as choosing some new projects that will excite me.

I found some Lion Brand Incredible yarn on sale at Michael's for a GREAT price, so I nabbed several skeins, then found a cool pattern for a top on the Berroco website. "Willa"
It is SO fun to knit, and it's really going fast!
Willa Top

Knitting Willa

In the midst of making my Willa top, I made a super soft scarf for my step-daughter, using some lovely Italian yarn.
Scarf for Jessi's Birthday

I also finally finished a Prayer Shawl for my church.
Burgundy Prayer Shawl View 2

I made a neckscarf, using some alpaca yarn I spun on my spinning wheel.
Alpaca Neckscarf

and, I've started making some more slipper socks for my Grandma.
Bernat Softee Chunky Slipper Socks

I'm also making some socks for my oldest son, using some Lang Jawoll sock yarn in a natural color. It's not photogenic yet, so I'll post a photo later.

Knitting Help Forum Knitting 2007

When the new year began, I picked up my knitting needles again, and joined a knit-along in the Knitting Help Forum. It was called the "Sockintine's Sock Swap". We had to knit a pair of socks for a partner, and mail it to them by February.

I chose to make the "River Rapids" socks by Sockbug. I used Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn in a lovely pink shade.
Sockintines Socks for the KH Forum Sock Swap

I love to knit for charity, so I cast a baby blanket, using Bernat Baby Coordinates.
Charity Baby Blanket in Progress

At this time, I also came up with an idea to make blankets for charity. I thought it would be cool to work along with the other members of the Knitting Help Forum in making several blankets for charity. I would cast on 300 stitches, and knit for about an inch and a half. Then, I would mail the knitting on the needles to the next knitter. We would be mailing it from person to person, sending along fun little gifts if we wanted. The idea took root, and soon blossomed in the forum.

I cast on the first blanket in February of 2007. 25 knitters signed up to participate for the blanket. I handed my knitting off to another knitter in the Charlotte area, and she added her knitting also.
lissalue knitting

Pretty soon, we had another blanket started, with another 25 knitters involved.
I started Blanket #2
Oddball Blanket #2 - Peachy Keen!

Blanket #3 followed soon after, and this one was designated as a 100% Wool Blanket.
Ready for Lissalue

Needless to say, a 4th blanket was soon begun as well.
2nd Attempt at Our Oddball Blanket #2

And just this week (May of 2007) I cast on Blanket #5!
Beginning of Oddball Blanket #5

I wonder if we'll ever stop making blankets for charity? I hope not!
Here's one of our blankets after it's gone to a few different homes.
Blanket After Jhelanee's Knitting

We've also been making Oddball Shawls for our friends in the forum.
Right now we have 5 shawls in the works.
Snephanie Knitting on Oddball Shawl

Bubble Bag

After the Christening Gown was complete, I was a happy knitter.

I felt energized, so I looked for a new pattern to make. I decided to make the "Bubble Bag" I found online for one of my piano students. Her favorite colors are green and blue.

I gathered together everything I would need for the bag
Bubble Bag

The knitting went very fast!
Bubble Bag with Fur
Bubble Bag before felting

After it was felted, it looked so cute!
bubble bag after felting
And my student really liked it!
Bubble Bag - Lia

Next, I decided to make a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, and it didn't take long at all.
Red Scarf Project
Red Scarf Project 2006

By this time, I had learned to spin yarn, so I wanted to make something with the wool I had spun. I chose to make a pillow. The yarn was overspun, so the knitting twisted. I ended up with an assymetrical pillow! But, it didn't look too bad.
Handspun Wool Pillow

I had finally finished the teal shawl:
Teal Shawl

It was October of 2006 by now, and my husband and I were planning on going away for our 5th wedding anniversary. We decided to stay in a cabin in the mountains, so I quickly knit some warm hats for us to wear. Here's one of them.
Thick Quick Hat

I also made some warm slipper socks for my hubby.
Blue Slipper Socks for My Husband

When we got back from our trip, my mother asked if I could make a hat and scarf set for one of her coworkers. I went ahead and started the scarf, because I knew that would be the easy part. I used Moda Dea Dream yarn in Winter White.
moda dea dream scrunchable scarf

I found a beret pattern at the yarn shop, and got started.
dream beret in progress

It looked so soft and dreamy when it was finished!
dream beret edge

dream beret no flash

I really liked the set when it was done.
beret and scarf moda dea dream

But, my mother said to add fringe.
beret and scarf moda dea dream fringe
(I hate fringe...but that's the breaks.)

Next, I made a Christmas stocking for my cousin's yarn shop.
Santa Stocking

Then, I made some slipper socks for my Grandma for Christmas.
Grandma's Slipper Socks

I decided to not knit anything else for Christmas 2006. I wanted to relax and enjoy the holiday, and took a break from knitting. It was nice! :)

Knitting a Christening Gown

When I was asked to make a Christening gown for display at my cousin's yarn shop, I was a little intimidated, but decided to give it a shot.

I searched through all my patterns, and finally decided to use this free pattern:

The beginning wasn't too bad, but I sometimes had a very hard time understanding her directions.
christening gown in process

When I finished the first sleeve, I felt much better about the design.
Christening Gown Sleeve

After finishing both sleeves, I tried it on a full-size baby doll, and it looked pretty good!
Christening Gown Bodice Complete

Even the buttonholes in the back didn't look bad, and they were my VERY FIRST buttonholes.
Christening Gown Back Buttonholes

When I got to the skirt section, however, the pattern was incorrect. The number of stitches she said to pick up just would not work with the lace pattern she selected for the skirt. So, I searched in my knitting design books and found a different lace pattern.
Christening Gown Lace Skirt

The further along I went, the better it looked:
Christening Gown Progress

When the skirt was finished, I was amazed! But, the skirt was VERY revealing.
Christening Gown

I added some pretty buttons, and it looked so pretty!
Buttons added to Christening Gown

Since I was worried about the openness of the skirt, I added a simple lining, by sewing in some satin fabric by hand.
Sewing in Lining for Christening Gown

Finally, the Christening Gown was complete!!
Christening Gown with Lining

Knitting More Gifts and Learning More Things

By now, it was July of 2006, and my mother asked me to make her a pair of socks.
Socks for My Mom

I was also making some squares for preemie charity blanket.
Preemie Squares

And another preemie baby hat, made with Lion Brand Microspun yarn.
Microspun Baby Hat

And I decided to try designing a bag, using some Noro Kureyon yarn.
Noro Kureyon Bag

Kureyon Bag

Ready for Seaming

Blocking Front

Kureyon Bag with Tabs

All I have left to do is add a strap, and the bag will be complete. But, there is no way in the world I could EVER remember how I made this thing! (tee-hee)

Next, I made some slipper socks for my step-daughter.
Slipper Socks for Katie

And then, my cousin who owns Cottage Yarn in Mint Hill asked me to make a Christening Gown as a display in her shop!!!

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