Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Craft Room is ReDone! (again....for now....)

After a month of organizing my home, I was finally able to concentrate on my craft room.  It was a disaster, because lots of my craft stuff had migrated all over the house.  And I REALLY wanted to get it organized, because I had invited a group of crafty friends over, and they were all excited about seeing my craft room.  Now, THAT is an incentive to get a craft room organized!! :)

I'm very glad to get it all done.

Craft Room

Desk at Window

Craft Room 2

Of course, it's never really COMPLETELY done.  I still want to go through all those boxes of yarn, and get them thinned out and organized a bit better.  But, it works for now.

I went around with my video camera for a walk through.  Check it out!
(Be sure to have a cup of coffee on hand.  It's a LONG video.)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Re-Doing My House, so I can Remodel my Craft Room!

Last month, I decided to remodel my craft room.  It really needed to be done, because my craft stuff was starting to migrate all over the house again.  The main issue was that my BED was in the craft room!  Ugh!  It had to be moved in there a couple years ago, because there was a hole in my bedroom ceiling.  I got the leaky roof repaired, but still needed to fix that ceiling hole.  I decided to stuff it with polyester fiberfill, so it wasn't standing open.  But, I just couldn't sleep in that room....the hole freaked me out!

In order to move my bed back out of the craft room, I was thinking that I would need to get the hole fixed first, then redo the painting in there, and do the flooring as well.  (I removed the carpet some time ago.)  This would take quite a while to get all this done, because I didn't have the skills to fix that ceiling hole myself, and I didn't have the money to pay for a carpenter either.  So, I figured I would have to keep it all on hold.

I have a smaller bedroom in the house, but I've been using it as an office for the past few years.  My mother told me that I should move my bed into that room.  At first, I discounted the idea, but then gave it some thought.  It made sense to move my bed in there, and move the office to the room with the ceiling hole.  So, that's what I've done.  Here's my little bedroom now:

Ready to Sleep

All my embroidery supplies are in this room also, because I keep them in underbed boxes.

Embroidery Stuff Under Bed

So, now that the bedroom was done, I had some SPACE available in my craft room!  Woo Hoo!

Bed Moved Out

So, I looked all over the house for all the craft supplies that had wandered.  I sure did have a lot of crafty stuff to organize!!!

Pile O Yarn

Next, I decided to do some work on the rest of my house as well.  I had invited some of my crafty friends to my house at the end of the month, and needed to get everything spic and span for their visit.  On to the BATHROOM!  What a nightmare in there.  I hadn't given it a good deep cleaning in ages.  So, everything came OUT of the bathroom, and waited in the hallway, while I did all that scrubbing and disinfecting.

Stuff from Shelves

Here's my bathroom BEFORE

Almost Empty


Bathroom Looking Better Tub Cleaned and Set Up

Makes me feel clean just walking in there now. :)

When my bathroom was done, I decided to straighten up my dining table and entryway as well.  Looks a lot better now.  I'm gonna paint that old 1970's panelling one of these days.  :P

Dining Table and Bookcase

When that was done, I did a deep clean in the kitchen area as well.  No photos of that, but it's greatly improved as well.  Now, that all my housework was done, I was FINALLY able to concentrate on the craft room.  Stay tuned for my next post, which shows my updated craft room! :)

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