Friday, June 27, 2008

Yay! A wonderful day of Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!!

Today was a BLAST!

I met a friend from Ravelry (knitnatnc), and she gave me lots of yarn for charity! :)

Woo Hoo!

Gift Yarn

I spent a lot of time rewinding some of the yarn. Now, it's all in pretty center-pull cakes!
Various Yarns - Rewound into Cakes

When I finished organizing all that yarn, I took photos of it all and put it in my stash on Ravelry.

Then, I went back to my craft room and finished unravelling the sweater I've been working on. I got it at Goodwill for a few dollars, and want to use the yarn to make some socks and a scarf.

After I finished unravelling it, I wound it all on my yarn swift, so I could make hanks.

Recycled Yarn - Making Hanks

I went to hang one of the hanks on a doorknob, and it reminded me of hair. So I stuck it on my head, looked in the mirror, and busted out laughing. My hubby asked what I was doing, and I told him to grab the camera.

Here's my yarn hair:
Sandy - Yarn Hair

And my yarn moustache:
Sandy - Yarn Moustache

My hubby was a good sport to take photos, wasn't he? :P

After goofing off a while longer, I got back to work. I took the hanks to the kitchen and got them wet. Then hung them up to dry, weighting them down to pull out the kinks in the yarn.
Hanging Recycled Yarn to Dry

Like I said, it was a good yarn day at my house. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Yarn, and Needles made of Bone

Here's the latest report from your local yarn addict. :P

I've gotten lots of yarn lately. I wonder if I will ever be satisfied with my stash?

I doubt it.

A friend sent 14 skeins of acrylic to use with my charity knitting.
Berella 4 Yarn from Deb

In the same package, she included a full set of Knifty Knitter Looms, 3 tops for me, and a bread box! :) What a combination! (tee-hee) It was a fun package to open.
Knifty Knitter from Deb 3 New Tops from Deb Bread Box from Deb

But, before I got that package, I received several skeins of yarn from another friend in the Knitting Help Forum. We had a get-together at howdovely's house, and she gave me 16 skeins of yarn! Woo Hoo!

Here are the three of us at the get-together. We had fun.
3 NC KHers

You'd think that I would be satisfied with these gifts of yarn, but I can't resist a good sale.

Here is some of the Patons Brilliant I found at Michaels for 2 dollars a skein! (I got 16 skeins)
Patons Brilliant - Sparkling Rose

This TLC Essentials was on sale also, so I got 8 skeins. It is much softer than that yarn usually is. I wonder why that happens sometimes? Weird....but wonderful for me. :)
TLC Essentials - Fusion

While I was browsing in Walmart the other day, I found some Red Heart Super Saver that was softer than normal also. Wow!!! I was amazed to see that yarn with a nice feel for a change. They were also a lovely color. We'll see how it knits up. ;)
Red Heart Super Saver - Gemstone 2
Red Heart Super Saver - Plum Pudding

In the midst of all this yarn buying, I made time to unravel a sweater as well. I found the sweater at Goodwill, and just loved the color. It was originally sold at "The Limited", and has a fiber blend of 47% wool, 38% viscose, 10% nylon, and 5% angora. I'm planning on using that yarn to make some knee high socks and a scarf.
Recycling Sweater Yarn
Pretty Yarn from Sweater

This past weekend, I found another unbelievable yarn sale. Patons Grace at AC Moore for 2 dollars a skein. It was impossible to resist.
Patons Grace - Natural
Patons Grace - Taupe Patons Grace - Sky Patons Grace - Snow

And take a look at the beautiful BONE knitting needles I got on eBay! They were made in India, and I have no idea what kind of bone was used in manufacturing them. They are very nice, and I really look forward to knitting with them.
Bone Needles

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