Sunday, August 14, 2011

French Scarf is Finished!

Actually, I'm kind of sad to be finished knitting the French Scarf. It was so fun to knit, and went too fast. But now, I can wear my lovely French Scarf any time I want. It is so warm, but very lightweight and fluffy. And the yarns feel so soft! :)
Wearing the French Scarf

I love how the different yarns worked together. The colors remind me of a Gala Apple!
French Scarf with Gala Apples

Here's a view of how wide the scarf is:
Length of French Scarf

Now, I want to knit another one, because like I said, it's so fun to make!

Until then, I'll just have to keep myself busy with all the other projects I've been knitting.

French Scarf - Angle

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beautiful, Frothy, Lightweight French Scarf

I am so in love with this pattern!!
(French Scarf by Ellene Warren)

After just a week, I'm already halfway through!
Changing to Next Set of Yarns

I started out, with the plan of using these four yarns:
Yarns for Orange, Yellow, Coral Wrap

I knit the first section, using the ONline Linie 43 Punta in the darker shade, and the Plassard Flore mohair in orange.
French Scarf - Good Start

When I ran out of those yarns, I started the next section with the Debbie Bliss "Angel". Unfortunately, that yarn is too thin for this project. It's a kid mohair, so it will have to wait for a lace scarf or something.

After searching through my stash, I found three skeins of Ormo mohair/acrylic blend. It's a variegated yarn, with orange, yellow, and green in the mix. I held it up to the scarf, and it looked like a good match. It's thinner than the Plassard Flore, but not TOO thin. So far, so good.
Mohair Variegated

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning Miss Marple's "Diddle Dumpling"

As you know, I'm wanting to knit the "Diddle Dumpling" baby sweater, that Miss Marple (played by Joan Hickson) was knitting on "A Caribbean Mystery".

Diddle Dumpling is in this book

Thanks to a very intelligent person (basicallylois) on Ravelry, we now have the actual knitting pattern at our disposal! :)

So, I've been studying the pattern for about a week now, and I've figured out that I need to use size US 5 knitting needles. (The pattern calls for size 9 Bairnswear needles, which were vintage UK knitting needles.)

The yarn should knit to a gauge of 7 stitches per inch, so that's fingering. I'm sure that Miss Marple would only use 100% pure wool, so that's what I want to use also.

The sweater is a size 1-2 years, so it should fit a toddler. I don't know if I'll ever give it to anyone, though. Maybe it will be a fancy teddy bear sweater, on display in my craft room. Perhaps, I could dress up the bear with a "Miss Marple" style hat and glasses on a chain. :)

So....back to the yarn I need. I want to find the perfect vintage yarn for the sweater. I have quite a few vintage yarns in my stash already, and found one that might work. It's called "Rochelle Sweater and Sock Yarn", and is 100% virgin wool. It's a pretty aqua color, and is the right weight - fingering.

Rochelle Sweater Sock

I can't find ANYTHING online about that yarn. I wonder if I have the only two skeins left in the world? Ha!

Tonight, I will cast on and knit a few rows, just to see how the yarn might work for this project. Stay tuned!

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