Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Mystery Blankets on Bernat Website

Yippee!  It's time for more mystery blankets on the Bernat website!

Back in 2009, we had a knit-along, where we made pretty blankets, using Bernat Satin.
In 2010, we had a crochet-along, making lovely blankets, using Bernat Softee Chunky.
In 2011, we did knit AND crochet baby blankets for the Project Linus charity.

THIS year (2012), Bernat is giving us clues to do knit and/or crochet blankets, using their new "Waverly" yarn.

And they aren't alone in sponsoring the event.  They've brought in interior design specialists from Waverly Fabrics, to help us in choosing just the right color combination for our blankets! :)  I think that is just awesome.  I especially like the "My Palette" webpage they created, that shows all the colors of Waverly yarn together, cleanly presented on a white background.

Along with the KAL/CAL, they have created a brand new discussion forum on their website, and they have asked ME to be the moderator. I am very excited about it, and have really enjoyed getting to know several knitters and crocheters all over the world for the event. 

Right now in the forum, there are over 1,000 interesting crafters, talking about what colors they are choosing for their blanket.  Some of the members are wanting to do the crochet blanket only, and others are choosing the knitted blanket.  A portion of us (myself included) are opting to make BOTH blankets.  Wish us luck!

Even though we have all that help from the Waverly Fabrics interior design experts, it is STILL difficult for us to make our final color choices for our blankets.  BUT, since the yarns have been arranged in color "moods" for us, we can't go wrong if we choose colors in the same group. 

Some of us (myself included) are color mood "rebels", and are just picking colors randomly.  I guess we think we are smarter than the experts.  HA!!

ANYWAY, I'm very excited to see how all our blankets turn out.  It's a fun event, involving knitters and crocheters from all over the world. 

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