Friday, May 18, 2012

Bernat Forum: Knit and Crochet with Friends

Have you checked out the brand new Bernat Forum
You can find me there every day, moderating the forum, and participating in all the discussions.

It was originally created for the 2012 Mystery Blanket Crochet & Knit-Along.
Now, the Mystery Blanket-Along is over, but the Forum is still alive! :)
We are talking about so many things, including:

Bernat Yarns and Patterns - Here, we share our experiences with current Bernat products.

Helping Hands - Sometimes one of our forum members needs help with a knit or crochet project.  We all do our best to provide answers for each other.

Bernat Projects - In this part of the forum, we talk about all the Bernat projects we have knitted or crocheted.  Sometimes, we use a Bernat pattern with a different yarn.  Or a Bernat yarn with a different pattern.  We enjoy showing photos of all of them.

General Knit & Crochet - This part of the forum is for anything knit or crochet related.  So far, we've discussed knitting tools and gadgets, how to work with center-pull skeins of yarn, charity knitting and crochet, and tips and tricks for our yarn crafting.  We've also recently started a Learn to Knit, as well as a Learn to Crochet discussion.  To learn, we are making small projects together, offering advice and sharing photos of our work.  I sometimes make simple instruction videos as well.  It's fun to learn this way!

Crochet Alongs and Knit-Alongs - During our 2012 Mystery Blanket Crochet & Knit Along, we made lots of friends.  Several of us don't want to lose our friendships, so we are making more projects together until it's time for another big blanket.  Here are some of our current CALs and KALs:

On the Lace Cardigan CAL - 

Slouchy Lace Beret KAL -

Mermaid Tears Purse CAL -

We have also been making dishcloths, doily pillows, and tea cozies!

If that isn't enough topics for you, we also have an Off Topic area, where we are chatting up all sorts of things in our lives. Pets, Cooking, Travel, Reading, and Music are some of the things we've been talking about.

Come join us, so we can get to know you in the Bernat Forum!

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