Friday, January 29, 2010

My New Lovely Alpaca Leaf Pullover

I have fallen in love with my new handknit sweater. It only took a month to knit this lovely "Leaf Pullover", using Bernat's Alpaca yarn.
Alpaca Leaf Pullover Complete 4

I decided to make half-sleeves instead of long sleeves, because it's just more comfortable for me that way. Also, the alpaca yarn is VERY WARM, and I've been so hot lately. (must be having hot flashes - HA!)
Alpaca Leaf Pullover Complete

The pattern for the pullover is in Bernat's "All Alpaca" book. Quick and easy!

Preemie Baby Set for Charity

Yay! I'm knitting a SWEET set for a preemie baby. I'm really loving the happy yellow color of the Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn in "Daisy Yellow". :)
Starting Preemie Baby Jacket

When the set is complete, it will go to the Special Delivery Unit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. One of the Oddball Baby Blanket leaders (Spikey) has asked us to make some things for the babies there. I am happy to help!

The pattern for the set is in Bernat's new "Traditions" pattern book, which has several nice knitting and crochet patterns for babies.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Huge Mitten

I've also been test-knitting a mitten pattern for a friend.
XXL Mitten on dpns 2

Bernat Alpaca Pullover

I'm really enjoying making the Leaf Pullover for the Bernat Blog. I'm not used to knitting things for myself, but I'm getting more accustomed to it now. I'm really looking forward to wearing this lovely handknit sweater.

I've almost finished the body, and will soon start working on the sleeves.
Body Almost Done

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alpaca Pullover - Making Sleeve Holes

Here's how the alpaca pullover is coming along. Nice!
Divided into Sections

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Leaf Pullover from Bernat Alpaca Yarn

I've recently started knitting a lovely leaf patterned pullover for the Bernat Blog. I LOVE the Bernat Alpaca yarn I'm using - especially the deep teal blue color.

You can see the color better in this photo. Isn't it gorgeous?
Leaf Section Almost Complete

The pattern is in the "All Alpaca" book from Bernat.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Knitting Projects from 2009

Here's a view of all the things I finished knitting during 2009. I was a busy knitter!

Bella Mittens Complete Hailey's Slippers Bodice of Dress for Hailey Brown Headband Red Socks for Josh Green Wool Socks Complete Slippers for MIL Grandma's Slipper Socks Done Blue Scrunchie Complete Cottonfield in Hades - SOFT Ballband Dishcloth & Tribble Felted Landscapes Clutch Hula Doll - Complete Cushy Baby 3 Summer Wheel Cover Wrap on Model Handknit Barbie Dress on Barbie Ribbed Baby Hat - Baby Bee Kathmandu Hat - Brim Up Hacho Cowl Complete Hat & Booties Bernat Cape Complete - Back Lace Panel Gloves Complete A4A Bulky Child's Hat Shandeh with Star Afghan Stockings Complete Pink Hat Complete Bulky Slipper Socks Pidge Podge Scarf Max Purple Scarf Baby Earflap Hat

Slippers for Me! Yay!

Our house has been SO COLD lately, so I decided to make myself a pair of warm slippers. I chose the same pattern I used recently for the slippers I knit for my son. It's the free pattern "Red Hot Slipper Socks" on the Lion Brand website. (Now that I've figured out all the errors in the pattern, they are very easy to make.)

I love the way mine turned out. They remind me of Eddie Bauer colors. (tee-hee)
Bulky Slippers for Me

Here's how they looked when they were on the HUGE double-pointed needles. I think I could actually hear the "whoosh" of the wind as I was wrapping the yarn for each stitch. Ha!
Bulky Slippers for Me

Now, I'm planning on making some more slippers for other members of my family. It will be a nice way to use up the bulky yarn in my stash.

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