Saturday, April 11, 2009

Knitting Handspun Blue Merino Wool

This month, in the Knitting Help Forum, we're making hair accessories for the April monthly knit-along. I've chosen to use the "Scrunched Pony Tail Holder", designed by The Knitting Fairy.

After looking at my stash, I decided to use some of the beautiful blue merino wool I spun on my spinning wheel a couple years ago. It's such a lovely color, I couldn't resist.

Blue Merino on Lazy Kate

The pattern is very easy. You just knit every row until your band is 10 inches long, then connect the ends and seam an elastic inside. Nice.

Blue Scrunchie

Here are the ends connected:
Blue Scrunchie Connected Ends

The elastic wrapped around it:
Blue Scrunchie Scrunched

The ends wrapped around the elastic:
Blue Scrunchie Trapping Elastic Inside

And seamed around the edges:
Blue Scrunchie Seaming Around Edges

And the completed scrunchie!
Blue Scrunchie Complete

I tried it on, and it works very well.
Blue Scrunchie in My Hair

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