Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wow! Yarn Donation for my Charity Knitting!

Today, I was woken by the sound of my front doorbell. "Weird," I thought. No one EVER comes to my front door.

When I looked out the peephole, I saw a stack of packages sitting on my front doorstep!! I tried to open the door, but it was blocked by the packages. So, I put on my houseshoes, and went out the side door of my house, then moved the boxes, pushing them in through the front doorway.

After locking both doors, I sat down and studied the packages. They were all from the same person. Then I remembered that Debkcs in the Knitting Help Forum said she would be sending some yarn for my charity knitting!!! Woo Hoo!

I grabbed a pair of scissors, and started opening the top flaps of all the boxes. They were packed FULL of yarn!! So, I took them down the hall and poured them out on my bed. So many skeins!!! Woo Hoo!! :D

So, being the organization freak that I am, I started putting them into sorted piles. Amazing....they covered over half my bed!!! So, I grabbed my camera, and captured the moment.
Yarn from Debkcs


Then, I took photos of each yarn, so I would be able to organize them on Ravelry later. I had a small notebook in my hand, and wrote down the name of each yarn, the color, and how many skeins of each. (See? I TOLD you I was an organization freak! Ha!)

I already made a spreadsheet for reference. :P
List of Yarn from Deb

This is such a blessing!!!! Deb has really given me a wonderful gift. :)
Thank you, Deb!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Easter Yarn Shopping Spree!!!


Some of you know me already, and heard that I gave up buying yarn for Lent. It was hard, but I made it! I thought that Easter would never get here. (tee-hee)

Since Lent is over, I am now free to buy as much yarn as I can afford. So, today, I took myself to Cottage Yarn to see what I could find. I also made a stop at Hancock Fabrics, and found a few skeins there as well. Neat!

Yarn Shopping 3-27-08

It sure is fun to be a yarn shopper again. :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wool Baby Blanket - Over Halfway There

I've gotten a GREAT start to the wool baby blanket I'm putting together for the "Afghans for Afghans" project.

I have finished 3 squares myself, and have started the 4th. Each square measures 10 inches.
Afghan Baby Blanket 3rd Square

I've also received 3 squares from a friend in the Knitting Help Forum, named Gail (gmmarton). They are beautiful!
Afghan Baby Blanket - gmmarton Squares

Funny thing - if you put all these squares together in a straight line, they make a rainbow set!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready to make a new Charity Project

Last night, I was reading about the need for wool baby blankets in Afghanistan, so I decided to try to make one quickly. I have 15 skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky, in various colors. It was given to me by a friend in the Knitting Help Forum.
Lamb's Pride Bulky

I figure that since it was a gift to me, I should forward the gift on to charity. It just feels right.

Here's the bag of yarn, sitting by my knitting chair in my craft room. That yarn is so nice to work with!
Yarn to Make Baby Blanket for Afghans

So, I'm making 10 squares, and seaming them together to make a baby afghan. I'll need 12 squares, because the blankets should measure 30 inches by 40 inches.

I've asked others in the Knitting Help Forum to make a square if they can. So far, a couple knitters have offered to help! :)

Hopefully, we'll finish in time! They are due in May.

Here's a link to the website, with guidelines on making items for Afghanistan babies:

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Knitting Video

Alert the media! (tee-hee)

I just made another video of myself knitting.

I was working on one of our Oddball Baby Blankets, and was watching the Appendices in the Lord of the Rings DVD. While I was knitting, I glanced over and saw my little camera. So, I grabbed it, stuck it under my chin, and started taping.

Here's the blanket, ready to go to the next knitter!
Easter Basket Beginning

I'm also casting on 8 more baby blankets.

4 preemie blankets: Angel Hugs, Pink Princess, Forest Greens, Ocean Blues
4 baby blankets: Pink Power, Pretty Princess, Happy Crayons, Ocean Waves

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