Sunday, April 1, 2012

Knitting an Easter Bunny Toy

Since Easter is almost here, I wanted to knit a little bunny.
I looked for patterns on the Bernat Yarn website, and found this cute finger puppet pattern.
Bear, Bunny, Kitty, and Mouse Finger Puppet

Using Bernat Satin yarn in the "Banana" color, I quickly made this sweet little bunny!

Bunny Finished

As you can see, I decided to stuff the body and seam it closed.  I thought it worked better as a small toy than as a finger puppet.  I added the ribbon at the neck, just to finish it off.  So cute! :)

Here's how it looked as it was being made:

Body complete, and making the bunny head. Body Done - Starting Bunny Head

Body, head, and ears complete. All Parts Complete

Ears attached to head.
 Ears Attached

It only took a couple days to make, and was fun.  Small projects like this are always satisfying.

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