Friday, April 26, 2013

My Bernat Temperature Project

I've been knitting row after row, to show the temperature for each day of 2013.  Two rows for the low temp, two rows for the high temp, and two more rows if there is rain, snow, or lightning.  (grey for rain, white for snow, black for lightning)

So far, I've finished through March, and it's already VERY LONG - 56 inches!

Shandeh Temp Project through March
Needless to say, this will NOT be a wrap, because 56 times 4 is just ridiculous.
So, I've decided to make an afghan instead.  This section will be one side of the afghan, with the fringe hanging on the edge. I will make an identical section for Oct, Nov, and Dec, to make the other side.

Now, I want to crochet some squares for each day of the Spring and Summer months.  Those squares will be seamed together for the center section of my afghan.  Wish me luck!

If you want to join in the Bernat 2013 Temperature CAL/KAL, we would love getting to know you in the Bernat Forum.  Check it out!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Designing My Own Scarf, Using Bernat's Stitch Gallery

About a year ago, we started a knit and crochet-along in the Bernat Forum, where we are all designing our own scarf, using the Bernat Stitch Gallery for Knit Stitches and Crochet Stitches.

Since that time, several Bernat Forum members have finished their lovely scarves, and moved onto other projects.  But, as usual, I am WAY behind the rest of the pack.  I had a great idea, but just didn't follow through as quickly as I hoped I would.

This past week, I grabbed my three skeins of Vickie Howell Sheepish yarn, and got to work with Bernat's "Wagon Wheel" design.  IT IS SO FUN!!! Omigosh, I can't believe I dragged my feet on this.  :P
Wagon Wheels

Here's the two videos I made, showing how to make the wheel motif.

Part One Video "Wagon Wheel"

Part Two Video "Wagon Wheel"

Now, I just need to make lots of wagon wheels, then seam them together for my scarf.  :)

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