Saturday, July 22, 2017

Seed Blocks - 12 inch Afghan Square

Ten years ago, I designed this 12 inch square knitted design.  Since then, several people have used my design for afghans and dishcloths.

I'm proud of this design, and decided to share it here on my blog, to make it easier to copy.  Up until now, it's been on my Flickr page, which is not as easy to navigate.

Maybe one day, I'll go one step further, and make it into a fancy document. Who knows? It depends entirely upon my mood and energy level. (tee-hee)

Sandy's Seed Blocks - 12 inch Afghan Square

Materials: Worsted Weight yarn, Size 8 knitting needles

Cast on 48
Knit first 3 rows

Pattern Stitch (repeat between *s to end of row):

Row 1: K4, *P, K, P, K, P6*, end K4
Row 2: K4, *K5, P, K, P, K, P*, end K4
Row 3: repeat Row 1
Row 4: repeat Row 2
Row 5: repeat Row 1
Row 6: repeat Row 2
Row 7: repeat Row 1
Row 8: repeat Row 2
Row 9: K4, *P6, K, P, K, P*, end K4
Row 10: K4, *P, K, P, K, P, K5*, end K4
Row 11: repeat Row 9
Row 12: repeat Row 10
Row 13: repeat Row 9
Row 14: repeat Row 10
Row 15: repeat Row 9
Row 16: repeat Row 10
Repeat rows 1 – 16 until piece measures ~11.5 inches

Knit 3 rows
BO loosely


linda said...

I was wondering if this could be used for a crib blanket.

Shandeh said...

Hi Linda!
Of course you could use this pattern for a crib blanket.
Each square is 12 inches, so just make as many squares as you need, then seam them together.

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