Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bella Mittens for Jessica

My step-daughter is a big fan of "Twilight". Recently, I came across a pattern for some "Bella Mittens", based on the mittens from the movie. So, I asked my step-daughter if she wanted a pair. "OF COURSE I DO!!" she replied. (tee-hee)

So, I'm on it. I'm using some Lion Jiffy yarn I found on sale at Hobby Lobby. She's a "washable" kinda girl, so it should work perfectly. I've made it past a few cables, and it's looking good so far.

By the way, here's the pattern:

Bella Mittens Progress


craft-chick said...

These are a fun quick knit, you'll enjoy making them! I'm more than halfway done with my seond mitten! Rose

Mulderknitter said...

Looking good! That's on my Ravelry list right now!

Shandeh said...

Rose, they ARE quick! But, knowing me, I'll set them aside to work on something else, and I'll finally finish the mittens 6 months later. Ha!

Mulder, you'll love them. Nice and easy and beautiful. :)

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