Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sick, But Crafting Nonetheless

I've been stuck at home for the past four days, getting over a bad cold.  No fever...just exhaustion, stuffy nose, and dizziness.  Been sleeping a LOT.

When I'm awake, I'll eat a little something, watch Netflix, and work on a knit or crochet project.  I've gotten a lot done this week.  Here's a little tour of my in-progress projects:

Bernat Cable Baby Sack: ready to start the hood now!
Cable Baby Sack - Ready for Hood

Some Crocheted Phentex Loafers for my step-dad.  Just need to sew some shelf liner to the soles, to make them non-slippery.
Loafers for Ken

A Crocheted "Red Friday" Scarf, using vintage Bernat Nylo-Germantown yarn.  This will go to the Red Scarf Project for orphans aging out of foster care.
Red Scarf So Far

And this shows the planning stage of some slippers I'm knitting from scraps of worsted weight yarn. (free pattern HERE)
Worsted Slippers - Scraps

I am double stranding those scraps along with this teal worsted weight yarn, to make the slippers warm and comfy.
Worsted Slippers - Main Color

And here's how it's working up so far:
Worsted Slippers - Progress


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I just adore that baby sack. The cables are beautiful...and all your other projects are great, too. You have been very busy.

Sending prayers your way that you will get to feeling better very soon. :)

Shandeh said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I went to church this morning, then visited my parents afterwards. After that, I came home and collapsed - slept until 8 PM! So, I'm still not over the sickness, but making progress. :)

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