Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Craft Room is ReDone! (again....for now....)

After a month of organizing my home, I was finally able to concentrate on my craft room.  It was a disaster, because lots of my craft stuff had migrated all over the house.  And I REALLY wanted to get it organized, because I had invited a group of crafty friends over, and they were all excited about seeing my craft room.  Now, THAT is an incentive to get a craft room organized!! :)

I'm very glad to get it all done.

Craft Room

Desk at Window

Craft Room 2

Of course, it's never really COMPLETELY done.  I still want to go through all those boxes of yarn, and get them thinned out and organized a bit better.  But, it works for now.

I went around with my video camera for a walk through.  Check it out!
(Be sure to have a cup of coffee on hand.  It's a LONG video.)

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