Monday, June 16, 2008

More Yarn, and Needles made of Bone

Here's the latest report from your local yarn addict. :P

I've gotten lots of yarn lately. I wonder if I will ever be satisfied with my stash?

I doubt it.

A friend sent 14 skeins of acrylic to use with my charity knitting.
Berella 4 Yarn from Deb

In the same package, she included a full set of Knifty Knitter Looms, 3 tops for me, and a bread box! :) What a combination! (tee-hee) It was a fun package to open.
Knifty Knitter from Deb 3 New Tops from Deb Bread Box from Deb

But, before I got that package, I received several skeins of yarn from another friend in the Knitting Help Forum. We had a get-together at howdovely's house, and she gave me 16 skeins of yarn! Woo Hoo!

Here are the three of us at the get-together. We had fun.
3 NC KHers

You'd think that I would be satisfied with these gifts of yarn, but I can't resist a good sale.

Here is some of the Patons Brilliant I found at Michaels for 2 dollars a skein! (I got 16 skeins)
Patons Brilliant - Sparkling Rose

This TLC Essentials was on sale also, so I got 8 skeins. It is much softer than that yarn usually is. I wonder why that happens sometimes? Weird....but wonderful for me. :)
TLC Essentials - Fusion

While I was browsing in Walmart the other day, I found some Red Heart Super Saver that was softer than normal also. Wow!!! I was amazed to see that yarn with a nice feel for a change. They were also a lovely color. We'll see how it knits up. ;)
Red Heart Super Saver - Gemstone 2
Red Heart Super Saver - Plum Pudding

In the midst of all this yarn buying, I made time to unravel a sweater as well. I found the sweater at Goodwill, and just loved the color. It was originally sold at "The Limited", and has a fiber blend of 47% wool, 38% viscose, 10% nylon, and 5% angora. I'm planning on using that yarn to make some knee high socks and a scarf.
Recycling Sweater Yarn
Pretty Yarn from Sweater

This past weekend, I found another unbelievable yarn sale. Patons Grace at AC Moore for 2 dollars a skein. It was impossible to resist.
Patons Grace - Natural
Patons Grace - Taupe Patons Grace - Sky Patons Grace - Snow

And take a look at the beautiful BONE knitting needles I got on eBay! They were made in India, and I have no idea what kind of bone was used in manufacturing them. They are very nice, and I really look forward to knitting with them.
Bone Needles

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