Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knitting for Hailey

My hubby's granddaughter's 3rd birthday is this weekend. I've started making several things for her, but none of them are close to completion, and they are made with thin yarn. So, now, I'm trying to find something I can make quickly in time for her birthday party on Sunday. Ack!

I'm leaning toward making some little dishcloths and a towel for her play kitchen. I also found some cute little slippers that would keep her feet warm at home. I really wanted to have a little sweater or shrug ready for her.

I LOVE this shrug, but I know I can't make it in two days. :(
I printed this one out, because I have plenty of Lion Boucle. I might try it, and see how it goes.

I also found Tropical Lily on Ravelry, which looks like it would make a nice little apron for Hailey to wear in her play kitchen. :)

My hubby and I are going to the mountains this weekend, so I have to choose my project TODAY. I'll be able to work on it at the cabin, while sitting by the fire and admiring the beautiful mountains. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE THERE!!!!!


Mulderknitter said...

I vote for the slippers. How long can slippers for a 3 year old take??

Shandeh said...

Very true!

I decided to make a completely different thing. I found a pattern for a girl's sundress. All you have to knit is the top bodice, and the skirt is fabric. It's just like the little baby dresses I've made before. But this one is for bigger girls! :)

If I finish the sundress quick enough, I'll make some slippers as well. ;)

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