Monday, February 23, 2009

Sundress and Slippers for Hailey

After some consideration, I finally chose a couple projects to knit for Hailey. They turned out just fine...especially the sundress. :)

I had to choose the projects, and gather all my materials, before we went to the mountains for the weekend. We planned on going to the birthday party on the way home.

First, I made these little slippers, using Lion Woolease Thick & Quick yarn. They only took 30 minutes to make! (Unfortunately, I seamed them too tight around the ankles, so I'll have to fix that later. In fact...I think I'll just make another pair, since they are so quick, and use such a tiny bit of yarn.) The free pattern is called Zippy Little Slippers.
Slippers for Hailey

Next, I got to work making a sundress for her. I used the free Ravelry pattern, called "The Two Summer Sundress". The bodice was a quick knit - done in just a few hours. I had to do the fabric skirt by hand, because I didn't have a sewing machine in the mountains. (And I CERTAINLY didn't want to pack it to lug all the way from home.) So, I gathered the skirt, stitched it to the bodice, and seamed up the back. I did the hem, and added a butterfly patch to the bodice in the car, on the way to the party.
Dress for Hailey

Bodice of Dress for Hailey

I love how it turned out! :)

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