Sunday, June 14, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP) in Charlotte

Yesterday, I actually had enough energy to go to the World Wide Knit in Public Day celebration at Books a Million in Cotswold Mall in Charlotte. It was fun! A lot of people came, and there were prizes given every half hour. Cool. :)

When I first got there, I took some photos of the group. In the first photo, you can see the table where I was getting set up in the lower right hand corner.
2009 WWKIP Day - Charlotte 2

You can also see the representatives from the Charlotte Knitting Guild sitting outside on the patio in that photo.

Here's another shot of them:
2009 WWKIP Day - Charlotte 3

Here are some more knitters inside the store:
2009 WWKIP Day - Charlotte

When each person arrived, they would drop off skeins of yarn, and choose yarn for a trade.
2009 WWKIP Day - Charlotte - Yarn Swap Table

After I got settled, one of the guild members gave me a slip of paper to sign up for the drawings, and I won in the very first drawing! :) I chose a large skein of sock yarn with a darning egg. I've been wanting a darning egg for a long time! This was my lucky day.
My Prize at Charlotte WWKIP Day 2009

I had brought some of the Oddball Charity projects we've been working on, so that others could knit a row if they wanted. I worked on Oddball Shawls while I was there. Very relaxing.

One lady was kind enough to work a row on one of our large Oddball Blankets (#5). Her name was Amy...such a nice person.
A Volunteer Knitter at the Charlotte WWKIP Day 2009

Another sweet lady named Denise asked to work on one of our Oddball Baby Blankets. So nice! She knit over two inches!
Volunteer Knitter at Charlotte WWKIP Day

There were a few other people that helped also, but I wasn't able to get their photo. Thank you all for your help on our charity projects!

While I was there, I received several skeins of yarn for our charity knitting. How wonderful!
Patons Jet - from WWKIP Day 2009 Red Heart Super Saver - Black - from WWKIP 2009 Needlepoint Wool from WWKIP Day 2009 Lane Cervinia Siena - from WWKIP Day 2009

I gave three skeins of yarn at the swap table, and got these three nice skeins of Lion Woolease in exchange. Yay! They will be perfect for a lapghan I'm making for myself right now!
Lion Woolease Wine - from WWKIP Day 2009 Lion Woolease - from WWKIP Day 2009 Lion Woolease Green - from WWKIP Day 2009

I'm so glad I was able to go to the WWKIP Day. :D


Mulderknitter said...

Looks like a great time! Does knitting in your backyard qualify as KIP?

Shandeh said...

Of course!!

I hope someone besides the birds saw ya. (tee-hee)

Virtuous said...

So glad you were able to come out and it was truly a pleasure meeting you!!

Until next knit time! ;o)

Jane Prater said...

Nice description of a wonderful day. Good luck on finishing your blankets.

Amy said...

What an active group you have in that area! Sounds like a wonderful day. :)

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