Friday, July 3, 2009

No Yarn Money!

I've been a busy knitter lately, trying to finish up all of our LARGE Oddball Blankets for charity. I've finished the two lapghans, and am still working on the five full-size blankets. Good thing I have air-conditioning! :D

I'll post photos of the two finished lapghans very soon.

I'm also busy making Oddball Shawls, and seaming together Many Colors squares to make more blankets. And our Oddball Orphan Blanket is almost ready to come to me to finish up as well.

And can you believe I had to nerve to start a NEW project for the leaders of the Oddball Blankets? Silly me.... But, the fun thing is that we are making blankets for ourselves. We are taking turns working on each other's personal oddball blanket. I just wanted us to each have a personal memento of our project. :)

On top of that, I should be finishing up some personal projects that have been going for a few years. Maybe one day, I'll actually be finished with all of them! HA!!!!!

I haven't been buying any yarn, because...well....I don't have any money. I quit my church job (organist), and my piano students are slim during the summer. So, that means I'm broke.

But, I'm still checking out the yarn bargains wherever I can find them. I can't afford the nice yarn shops, so I'm going to Michaels, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby. I'm also going to Big Lots and Dollar Tree stores.

This week, I found some great deals on yarn at Dollar Tree.

I got 12 skeins of Red Heart Light & Lofty in a pretty color for $1 a skein!
Red Heart Light Lofty - Aspen Bluff Multi

And last night at a different Dollar Tree, my hubby got me 10 skeins of TLC Essentials in Red Plum. He's such a sweet hubby! :D
TLC Essentials - Red Plum

I'm still a yarn hoarder, even when I'm broke.

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