Monday, May 31, 2010

My Daily Schedule

Another day....

I usually start each day by popping my thyroid pill in my mouth, with a swig of water. Then, I turn on my computer, update the antivirus stuff, and put on a kettle of water for tea. While the water comes to a boil, I check my email, and all the rest of my usual internet spots: Knitting Help, Facebook, the Bernat Blog, eBay, Ravelry, and Flickr. In the midst of surfing the net, my teapot whistles, and I make a cup of tea (or two).

When an hour of waiting has passed after taking my thyroid pill, I have breakfast at my computer, while playing solitaire or one of my favorite video games. Recently, I've enjoyed playing "seek & find" games like Women's Murder Club or Peril at End House. I should really get the "Dream Day" games - they would be fun.

After breakfast, I turn off the computer and head to the craft room to knit. Sometimes I will watch tv as I knit, but most of the time I knit in silence. It's just nice to relax and listen to the birds singing outside...and feel my even breathing as I knit stitch after stitch.

Sometimes as I knit, my arms or hands will start to ache a little. So, I'll set down my project and browse a knitting book or magazine. It's so inspiring to see what others are knitting or crocheting in their part of the world. Soon, I am back to knitting again, sometimes humming a tune as I work. I'll think of all the things I need to take care of....or about what I wish I could do. I imagine what life would be like if I could afford a large house: a room for each of my crafting pursuits. One room for knitting and crocheting. Another room for storing all the yarn. A different room for spinning yarn, filled with roving and fleeces. And a sewing room, with patterns and fabrics, and a large sewing table.

Wow....that would be nice. :)

Soon, I realize that it's time for lunch. So, I get to the end of my row, mark my spot in the pattern, and put everything in a basket for later.

My body aches as I stand from my knitting chair, so I stretch and groan a while until I'm able to move freely. Then, I head down the hall for a bite to eat. After lunch, I'm getting I take a nap, setting my alarm to allow time to get ready to teach piano lessons.

When all of my piano students have been taught, my day is almost over. Time to eat dinner, maybe knit some to my hubby, grab a quick hug or kiss. Then, we each put on our CPAP masks and collapse in bed. I usually play a game on my little pink Nintendo DS, and get more and more relaxed as I listen to the even breathing of my husband behind me. Occasionally, I fall asleep with the game still running in my hands......

Most of the time, I cannot sleep through the night. So, I sneak out of bed at about 2 AM, and go back to the craft room again. This is when I actually do my best knitting....when the rest of the world is asleep. I like to watch Forensic Files or whatever interesting show I find on PBS, Nat Geo, or the History Channel. If nothing is on, I'll watch a DVD or video in our collection.

When I hear my husband's alarm, I go down the hall to make his coffee. Then I finish up my row of knitting, put everything away, and snuggle with my hubby for a while. It usually takes him about 20 minutes to wake up completely, after hitting his snooze about 3 or 4 times. So, I lay in his arms, resting for a while. It's the only quiet time we ever have together. When he finally gets up, I make his coffee, and maybe toast a bagel for him. Then, I kiss him goodbye, turn off the coffeepot, turn off all the lights, and go to sleep for a few hours.

And I always look forward to waking up again, so I can knit some more.....

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Sheila said...

Wow--you are busy!! I'm going to check out those games. You watch the same channels and shows we love. I don't do as much knitting as you--just whenever I can fit some in. I'd be much more productive if I scheduled it regularly though!!

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