Monday, June 7, 2010

Knitting for Yarnhouse

Last week, I went to Yarnhouse Knits in Charlotte, NC to meet with the shop owner. I had told him that I would be happy to knit some samples over the summer for him. My piano students are few and far between in the summer months, so I have some time available for more knitting. He promptly agreed, and had 5 projects ready for me to make! Cool.... :)

I have just started working on the market bag he wants. I love the yarn. Cascade Ultra Pima cotton. Very soft and easy to knit!
Market Bag

When I finish that, I think I'll start the next bag he wants me to make. It's a beautiful kit for a Marabou Felted Purse.
Maribou Felted Purse Kit

I just love the way the marabou trim moves with the slightest breeze. So soft and elegant!
Sweaterkits Marabou Trim

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