Friday, August 6, 2010

Knitting Mags at Barnes & Noble

Every weekend (and sometimes during the week), my hubby and I will take a trip to Barnes and Noble bookstore. We both love to read. When we walk in, we are hand-in-hand, then we quickly lose track of each other. He heads off to look at the History and Military sections, Poker books, comic books, and magazines. I look through the clearance and discount section, then head over to the knitting magazines.

Pretty soon, we are both waiting in line at the Starbucks counter, ordering a drink so we can browse through the magazines together. We usually buy a big cookie to share, and sit down to talk about what we've found so far in the bookstore.

Tonight, my stack of magazines was about 6 inches thick, and included some art magazines as well. I've been interested in art for the longest time, but don't have time to pursue least I can see what others are doing with art. Maybe one day, I'll learn to paint.

After my perusal of the art magazines, I zeroed in on the knitting publications. NICE this month! I decided to purchase two European magazines, because the patterns and articles just stole my heart.

The Knitter, Issue 20
Knitter Mag 2010

This issue has some SWEET patterns!

A precious doll, called "Prairie Poll"
The Knitter - Sweet Doll

A lovely, handcrafted pillow, called "Homestead"
The Knitter - Homestead

And a nice, loose shrug that is the perfect style for my plus-size figure.
(And it has directions for my size! WOO HOO!!!)
The Knitter - Twirl Shrug

Yarn Forward, Issue 28
Yarn Forward 2010

SO MANY nice designs in this issue! LOVE IT!

The "Flirt Tee" is definitely my favorite, and it has directions for my size! :)
Yarn Forward - Flirt Tee

The "Belle Cardigan" is exactly my style, and once again in my size!!
Yarn Forward - Lace Cardigan

I think my son will like the "Baltic Beach Hoodie"
Yarn Forward - Men's Hoodie

And I plan on making the Japanese "Kokeshi Doll" for one of my piano students. She is originally from Japan.
Yarn Forward - Kokeshi Doll

I am so glad we went to the bookstore tonight! I would have hated missing these nice knitting magazines.


lovetoknit said...

oh how i love the Flirt shirt!! I want to find that magazine now!! love it! <3

Lakegan J. Harris said...

How can I find the Baltic Beach Hoodie pattern?

Shandeh said...

The Baltic Beach Hoodie pattern was in Yarn Forward Magazine, Issue #28, published in 2010. Here's a link I found to buy the back issue:

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