Thursday, August 26, 2010

Latest Accomplishments and Delays

Still knitting for the Bernat yarn company! I'm really loving that gig. Every month, I choose a project and yarn, and they send me all I need to get it made. Then, I take lots of photos and write about the project on their website. The best part is that I get to keep everything I knit! Can't beat that. :D

Last month, I made some sweet dolls for charity. I donated them to a local support center for abused children called Treehouse Children's Advocacy Center. You can read about my project on the Bernat Blog here:

Buddy Toys Done

My mom has been watching my knitting projects as I talk about them on Facebook. And she keeps saying, "Oooo....I want one of those!" So, I'm trying to make a few things for her birthday.

Here's a market bag I've started for her:
Market Bag for Mom - Lace Section

And I've started work on two projects for customers.

A yellow & black afghan:
Slow Progress

And a Christmas stocking:
Children Section Done

I'm still at work on a "Oiseau" wrap for display at Yarnhouse Knits also. It is VERY slow work, with detailed stitching on every single row. Not a single row of "rest" in the entire project. I'm not sure WHEN that wrap will be completed.
Oiseau - Slow Work

At least I did finish ONE other project. Red slipper socks for my oldest son, just in time to celebrate his 25th birthday. :)
Slipper Socks for Josh

I think I might need another pair of hands to finish knitting all these projects!


Yamma Mamma said...

I always love looking at your projects! You do such pretty work, are are quite a busy lady! :)

Sheila said...

WOW--you sure are busy!! I love everything! I like patterns with a "row of rest" every now and then but then I'm still pretty new to knitting so I need that!! Love the colors of you are using in the yellow and black afghan. I so need to get back to learning how to knit socks--I did one pair and got lazy. I'm off to check out the Bernat site!! Thanks for sharing your lovely work.

Shandeh said...

Thank you for the love, my friends!

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