Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays

I finally finished knitting the vintage Christmas stocking for a client. I didn't take a photo, because it looks exactly like the 3 others I made for her last year. Here I am, with the stockings I knit last year, along with the original she gave me as a guide. The free pattern is here: Personalised Christmas Stocking from 1945
Stockings - My Handknitting is Complete

Now, I'm trying to finish up another project for a different customer before the year ends. I'm making a yellow and black blanket, using Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" in yellow, black, and white, and some Bernat Super Value in True Grey. I found a Paton's pattern that is working well with these colors. The pattern is called "Fresh Stripes". The customer is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
Yellow and Black Blanket

I'm also doing some more charity knitting:

A wool sweater, using Bernat "Felting" yarn
(photos soon on the Bernat Blog)

I've also started another Oddball Charity Blanket for a Mexican orphanage. Right now, we have 11 knitters signed up to work on that. We will each take turns knitting a 5 inch section, keeping the blanket on the knitting needles while it travels from knitter to knitter. Here's my section, ready to hit the road.
First Section Complete

And, I'm working on other projects, of course. Too many to mention here. :P

A couple weeks ago, I took two of my knitting students to a local alpaca farm, so they could see where nice yarn comes from.
Melissa and Abby at Alpaca Farm

When we pulled up at the farm, they were SO excited!
When we walked closer to the animals, their footsteps got slower
and S L O W E R ...........

"What's that smell?" they whined.
:) Now, they REALLY know where yarn comes from. (tee-hee)

They soon got used to the smell, though. And enjoyed petting the animals.
Melissa and Abby with Alpaca

Abby and Melissa with Horse

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