Saturday, July 30, 2011

A REAL Knitting Mystery

I am a true fan of Agatha Christie mystery novels. I think I've read about 25 of them. Poirot and Miss Marple are both so fun to read about. And I love all the other characters as well.

Speaking of Miss Marple, several years ago, I was watching an Agatha Christie televised movie called "A Caribbean Mystery", and noticed that the cameraman looked over Miss Marple's shoulder to show what she was knitting (a baby cardigan). It showed an actual pattern book, and the name of the pattern was "Diddle Dumpling".
Diddle Dumpling - Miss Marple Knitting

I immediately went searching on the internet to find out if the pattern was real or not. After searching all over the place, I finally gave up. It must not be a real pattern after all. :(

Segue to 2011, and I'm perusing Ravelry, as I do every day. I had recently joined an Agatha Christie Ravelry Group called "Delicious Death", and mentioned the sweater in one of the discussions. The other group members were interested in the sweater as well. In fact, they said that this pattern has been the quest of several knitters for quite a while now.

Great minds can do wonders, especially if we are all tuned in together. Believe it or not, one of us FOUND the pattern!! She watched the episode over and over again, until she was able to figure out the name of the publisher. (Bairnswear) Then, she kept at it until she discovered the actual pattern book that had "Diddle Dumpling" in it. (Bairnswear #107) She even found a lady that sells PDF copies of the book!

Diddle Dumpling is in this book

We were all SO PLEASED to have the pattern available to knit, so several of us quickly purchased the PDF from Sue at The Retro Knitting Company.

Now, we are doing a knit-along, making the same baby sweater as Miss Marple made. I think we are dedicated fans, don't you? :)

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