Friday, November 4, 2011

Craft Room Remodel #2

Things never seem to go as planned, do they?

I ended up catching a cold, and was stuck in bed for the last few days.  All that bedrest was needed anyway, because I had worked so hard getting everything out of the craft room, and installing new flooring.

So, after my cold finally went away, I got back to work.   This morning, I sawed and sanded all the toe molding I'll need for the room.  It will make the flooring look even better.

Ready to Learn Mitre Cutting

If anyone had been here to see me, they would have gotten a good laugh.  My craft room is at one end of the house, and my driveway is at the other end.  I had placed a table outside on the driveway, for me to do all the sawing and sanding of the toe molding.   All of my stuff is in the rest of the house - including a huge stack of boxes in the hallway, leaving just a tiny walking area.

Hallway Filled to the Ceiling

So, I was constantly walking sideways through that tiny bit of hallway, carrying a long stick of toe molding over my head the entire way.  I think this morning counts as an EXCELLENT workout session, don't you?

The good news is that all my sawing and sanding is DONE.  Tomorrow, I plan on drilling pilot holes for the nails, then sanding the sharp edges on the pilot holes, then painting everything white.  After it dries, I'll be doing the crazy walk down the hallway again, with the toe molding carried over my head.  (It kinda makes me look like I'm ready to throw a javelin. Ha!)

Hopefully, I'll be hammering in my toe molding tomorrow night.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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