Thursday, December 15, 2011

Living the French Scarf Fantasy

I am so in love with the French Scarf knitting pattern. 
So far, I have knit 3 of them, and I have plans (and yarn) to make many more.

It only takes about a week to knit one, and the finished product is GORGEOUS!
French Scarf Complete

That scarf was made for display at Yarnhouse in the NoDa district of Charlotte, NC.  I used Louisa Harding "La Salute", and Universal Yarn "Curly Mohair" to make that one.  When I finished, it was SO HARD to let it go.  I immediately made plans to make one for myself.

If you follow my blog, you've seen the other two I've made, but I'll show them here again for newcomers.

Wearing the French Scarf

That one was knit with ONline Linie "43 Punta", Plassard "Flore", and an unnamed Ormo yarn.  Orange is one of my favorite colors, and I really love wearing this beautiful scarf.  I get so many compliments!

Midnight Dream Complete

My third French Scarf was knit with Lion Brand "Moonlight Mohair" and Moda Dea "Dream".  I gave that one to my sister, when I visited her in California.  I have enough yarn left to make another for myself. ;)

It's been about 6 months since I made that last one, and now my fingers are itching to create another one.  I think that half the fun of the project is selecting yarns to make it!  Since I have such a HUGE stash of yarn in my craft room, I have LOTS of options for my next French Scarf.  In fact, I have so many options, that I'm not sure which one to choose.

I need to use light, frothy yarns for the scarf, so it doesn't get weighted down.  One should be a standard fluffy mohair type, and the other can be a fluffier curly mohair type.

When I first started planning my project, I sat in my craft room rocking chair, and perused my stash photos on Ravelry with my little Samsung Galaxy Tab.  (It sure is easier than looking through all my bins of yarn!)  I am SO GLAD that I have posted every single skein of yarn I have.  It just makes project planning so easy. :)

After awhile, I was getting confused, trying to remember all the yarn options I had.  So, I hefted my weight out of that rocking chair, put down my Tab, and went to my main computer in the living room.  The big screen on that computer, in addition to the old fashioned keyboard, just makes it easier to browse.  Plus, I can open several windows at once with my PC.

With a cup of hot tea at my right hand, and a small plate of cookies at my left, I got to work.  I opened up my Paint program, and then pulled up my Ravelry account.  I started out by sorting my stash by fiber, but then realized that I couldn't really see all my fluffy yarn options this way.  So, I just sorted it alphabetically, and scrolled down a screen at a time.  Whenever I saw a yarn that would work well for a French Scarf, I clicked my "prt scr" (print screen) button - then went to my Paint program to paste the image there.  In Paint, I would select the photos of the yarns I liked, and moved each image to the top of the screen.  Eventually, I had a very large document, with LOTS of yarn photos.

Next, I divided that Paint document up into several documents, sorted by color.  Then, I uploaded those photos to my Flickr account.  That way, I would have my documents online, so I could view them with my Tab anywhere I went. :)

So, after all those hours of work, here are my yarn choices for a French Scarf:

White Options
French Scarf - Whites

French Scarf Black

French Scarf Brown

Red and Orange
French Scarf Orange Red

Yellow and Beige
French Scarf Yellow Beige

Green and Grey
French Scarf Green Grey

French Scarf Teal

French Scarf Blue

Purple and Pink
French Scarf Purplish Pink

Like I said, LOTS of choices.

I wonder if I will ever actually start another French Scarf?  HA!!
I just have too many options to choose from.

Which combinations do YOU think would work well for a French Scarf?

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kelly swantek said...

I think everyone one of the yarns is beautiful! I am going to work buying the pattern into my budget next month. Since I work at a day center for adults with alzheimers/dementia these would be wonderful to have around when they are cold plus easy to wash up!

Your very talented.

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