Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knitting for my Family

I've been getting LOTS of charity knitting done, and it feels good to do it. ;)

Here's another square I've made for a blanket knit-along.
Seed Blocks - 12 inch Afghan Square

And since I've finished my current charity projects, I've decided to make some things for my family.

Tonight, I cast on to make a Harry Potter scarf for my hubby:
Harry Potter Scarf
I'm using Caron Simply Soft yarn in burgundy and yellow, and size 8 circulars from my Denise Interchangeable set.

And I've started making a pair of ankle socks for my oldest son:
Red Ankle Socks for Josh
For the socks, I'm using Lang Jawoll yarn in a DEEP red that is just beautiful! As usual, I've cast on both pairs at the same time, using dpns. The thing I love about Lang Jawoll sock yarn is the reinforcement thread included with the yarn. It's just tucked away inside the skein! :)

I've also been buying more yarn (like I really need it!). Maybe I should open up my own yarn shop, because I think I have enough yarn to do it! Ha!
June 2007 Yarn Shopping

And look at the yarn a friend gave me the other day! (I think I'm gonna FAINT!)
Wool Yarn for my Stash!


jeanius said...

so jealous of that tub-o-yarn! lambs pride *sigh* lucky lady!

unkoine said...

I was SO shocked when my friend gave it to me! I tell's just like the Bible teaches. Every time I give to others, I get MUCH MORE in return!

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