Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitting for Charity

I had to set aside my personal project, because charity knitting was calling my name again. I really enjoy knitting for charity, so I didn't mind the interruption at all. :)

I added some white, pink, and glittery stripes to an Oddball Shawl we're working on in the Knitting Help Forum:
Shandeh Knitting and Yarn

I made a 6 inch square for another Charity Blanket Knit-Along:
6 inch lace square no flash

I added a yellow section to an Oddball Baby Blanket we're making in the Knitting Help Forum:
Oddball Baby Blanket

And I made a hat and neckwarmer for the Dulaan Project:
Dulaan Hat
Supersoft Wool Neckwarmer for Dulaan Project

I'm also sending the alpaca neckwarmer I made earlier to the Dulaan Project, because I can't imagine ever needing anything that warm here in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I looked through my craft room, I found a little baby hat I knit earlier, so I'm including that as well.

Here's everything, ready to go!
Dulaan Package


Barbara said...

Sandy, love your blog and all the charity knitting. I have been knitting for charity too and would love to get in on the next baby blanket. Thanks, Barbara

unkoine said...

Thanks Barbara!

The baby blanket KAL is an on-going thing, so just click the link to the thread, join the KH forum, and be part of the knit-along!

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