Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Knitting Day!

Today was a very happy knitting day for me.

I spent about an hour working on my son's socks, getting about halfway through the heel on both socks. Once I turn the heels, it will be smooth sailing to the toes. :)

After a long nap, I woke to the sounds of my hubby coming home from work. He kissed me and handed me a package that had been sitting on our doorstep. The package from my "Summer Swapper" in the Knitting Help Forum! YAY!

Check out all these goodies!
Package #1 from my partner with goodies

Here's a non-flash photo of the yarn, so you can see the gorgeous colors of the yarn!
Package #1 from my partner

After all the excitement of looking through my package from my swap pal, we decided to go out to eat a nice dinner at the Mexican restaurant down the road from our house. It was only about 4 PM, so we didn't have to worry about any traffic or a crowd. It was nice! :)

After dinner, we decided to venture into Matthews. My sweet hubby took me to two craft stores so I could see what kind of sales they had. Hobby Lobby and Michaels BOTH had lots of good deals. I'm a happy "knitty" shopper now!
Summer Shopping

When we finished craft shopping, we stopped by Game Stop so my hubby could play "Guitar Hero" on the Xbox 360 they had on display. It always cheers him up when he plays that game. While he was playing, I looked through the shop and found Season One of "That 70's Show". I'll enjoy watching that while I knit at night. I just hope I don't laugh so loud that I wake up my hubby!

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