Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fuzzy Baby Slippers

This morning, I finished making some cute little baby booties for one of my husband's co-workers. She is expecting a little boy soon. The booties are so cute!
Furry Baby Booties Furry Baby Booties - Angle

I used the pattern "Oh Baby! Furry Booties" that is sold by an eBay seller called "Over the Rainbow Designs".

This link won't work forever, but here's where you can buy the pattern:

I didn't have to buy any yarn for the project. I just grabbed some leftover bits of eyelash yarn and a skein of white baby yarn, and got to work. Quick and easy! :D


secksiebrat said...

I love these booties Sandy! They are just beautiful. I might have to order the pattern as well. Was the pattern well written? Thanks!

unkoine said...

Thanks! I love them too, and the girl I gave them to went ON and ON about how much she liked them! :)

Yes, the pattern was easy to follow, and was a quick knit.

Sheila said...

So adorable.

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