Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wool Baby Blanket - Over Halfway There

I've gotten a GREAT start to the wool baby blanket I'm putting together for the "Afghans for Afghans" project.

I have finished 3 squares myself, and have started the 4th. Each square measures 10 inches.
Afghan Baby Blanket 3rd Square

I've also received 3 squares from a friend in the Knitting Help Forum, named Gail (gmmarton). They are beautiful!
Afghan Baby Blanket - gmmarton Squares

Funny thing - if you put all these squares together in a straight line, they make a rainbow set!


Saswati said...


I want to make a blanket like that and I am very new to knitting could you pls give me the pattern if you dont mind pls.


Shandeh said...

It is a very basic pattern, so it's perfect for beginners. Just make 12 inch squares, then seam them together. You can use any design you want for your 12 inch squares. We used a basic dishcloth pattern for our squares. You'll find lots of free patterns for dishcloths online. Good luck!

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