Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready to make a new Charity Project

Last night, I was reading about the need for wool baby blankets in Afghanistan, so I decided to try to make one quickly. I have 15 skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky, in various colors. It was given to me by a friend in the Knitting Help Forum.
Lamb's Pride Bulky

I figure that since it was a gift to me, I should forward the gift on to charity. It just feels right.

Here's the bag of yarn, sitting by my knitting chair in my craft room. That yarn is so nice to work with!
Yarn to Make Baby Blanket for Afghans

So, I'm making 10 squares, and seaming them together to make a baby afghan. I'll need 12 squares, because the blankets should measure 30 inches by 40 inches.

I've asked others in the Knitting Help Forum to make a square if they can. So far, a couple knitters have offered to help! :)

Hopefully, we'll finish in time! They are due in May.

Here's a link to the website, with guidelines on making items for Afghanistan babies:

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