Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frogging and Putting Back on the Needles

I know there are all these easy and fancy procedures for frogging or ripping rows of knitting, and then perfectly placing them back on the needles in just the right way.

Well, I'm not that kind of girl.

I just pull out the needles and start ripping.

Then, I put all the stitches back on smaller needles, and then knit the next row with needles of the original size. It just makes my life easier.

Of course, this would not work with silk or a lace project, but I'm very rarely doing that kind of knitting anyway. Most of my knitting is done for charity, with worsted weight yarn that stands up all by itself when you pull out the needles. Ha!

Now, the other day, I had a MONDO project to frog. I ran out of yarn when there were 50 stitches left on the row. It was one of our Oddball Lapghans, with 200 stitches on each row. And, of course, it HAD to happen on the wrong side row, which I needed to end on in order for the next color change to look right. So, that meant I had to unravel two rows. Bummer.... :(

So, I pulled out my needles, ripped out both rows, then carefully carried the entire blanket (it's almost complete now) and laid it out on my bed, so I could put the stitches back on knitting needles again.

Lapghan #2 Getting Surgery

While it was all laid out like that, I decided to measure it and see how big it was so far.
45 inches wide by 40 inches tall. So, it's almost complete! :)

Then, I went back in my craft room, and found a size 3 circular knitting needle that was 36 inches long. Perfect. ;)

Next, I leaned at the edge of the bed, and put the needle through each of the loose stitches. Easy-peasy!

Using Smaller Needles with Long Cord

All that was left was to add on my new yarn, and start knitting with the original size knitting needles. Mission accomplished!

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