Monday, September 1, 2008

UFOs are FOs now!

Yay! I was able to get a lot done this month during our "Turn your UFO's into FO's" knit along in the Knitting Help Forum.

I finished the blue blanket I spoke about earlier:
Cushy Blue Baby Blanket

I completed the "Wildflowers" Oddball Baby Blanket, which was worked on by 6 knitters in the forum.
Wildflowers Complete Flash

I finished the "Barbie" Oddball Shawl, which was worked on by 6 KH Forum knitters.
Barbie Complete

I completed the "Moonlit Forest" Oddball Shawl, which was worked on by 5 forum knitters.
Moonlit Forest - Complete

I knit the last section and added a crochet border on the "Fairy Land" Oddball Baby Blanket, which was worked on by 5 forum knitters.
Fairy Land Complete

And I bound off the "Pink Power" Oddball Baby Blanket, which was worked on by 6 knitters.
Pink Power ROCKS

I also completed the "Nursery Rhymes" Oddball Preemie blanket, which was worked on by 5 knitters. I added the crochet border.
Nursery Rhymes Complete

And I made a little coffee cup cozy for travel cups. I think I might have made it too small. I'll have to test it out first, and then I'll give a report. I made it with Berroco Hip Hop yarn.
Coffee Cozy - Hip Hop

So, it was a productive month for me. I still have several projects to complete, but at least I've made a dent in them!

Right now, I'm still working on these things:

Oddball Preemie Blankets
"Racecar Alley" - adding border
"Cherry Blossoms" - adding border
"Cloud Nine" - adding border
"Citrus Punch" - knitting last section, and adding border
"Beach Party" - re-knitting two sections and adding border
(there was a hole in this blanket that I could not repair, so I had to frog back through two sections)

Oddball Shawls
"Candy Shop", "Magic", "Flower Garden", "Shades of Pale" - finishing up
"Rainy Day" and "Angel Wings" - knitting a section

Oddball Blankets
#1, #2, Lapghan #1, Lapghan #2 - Knitting last sections, and adding border

I also have some personal knitting that I wonder if I will ever get to!

Cabled Baby Pullover for display at Cottage Yarn.
Cable Pullover

"Dream by Moonlight" Shawl
Dream By Moonlight Shawl

A bulky cardigan with Thick & Quick yarn.
My Nice Thick Sweater in Progress

Some red ankle socks for my son.
Red Ankle Socks

A Harry Potter scarf.
Harry Potter Scarf is growing!

A Fair-Isle headband
Learning Fair Isle

A baby sweater
Baby Sweater - Bernat Softee Baby

And I haven't given up on the rectangle shawl for charity!
Rectangle Shawl Almost Complete

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