Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wow! What a beautiful gift!

One of my friends in the Knitting Help Forum surprised me with an EXCELLENT gift. I could not believe it when I opened the package.

Glass Knitting Needles from Remclave

Glass Knitting Needles! I feel like Cinderella.....
I've always admired glass knitting needles, but never thought I would actually OWN a set!

I can't keep my hands off them. Now, I just have to decide what project I will start with them. It has to be something EXTRA special, that's for sure.


Also, a while back, another friend in the forum surprised me with some lovely peridot earrings that she had made for me! I am so spoiled by my friends in the forum.
Earrings from Ladylou - No Flash


Connie said...

I've never even heard of glass knitting needles! How special! I'm sure you'll have fun with them.

Shandeh said...

I've only seen them in knitting magazines and on a knitting DVD I watched one time.

They are so smooth and pretty!

The B.A.P.S. KnitSpot said...

Hi Shandeh, i saw your blog on and i think it's wonderful! I really would like to follow your blog if I can please.

Shandeh said...

Hello Jackie!

Thanks for reading my silliness. :)

To follow my blog in Knitting Help, you must be a member of that forum. Then, set up your preferences to be notified of updates to the threads you follow. If you can't figure it out, just ask someone in the forum, and they'll help you do it!

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