Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Catching Up on Oddball Projects

I've been such a bad girl. My poor unfinished Oddball Charity Projects are just lingering in my craft room. :(

So, now I'm psyching myself up to get them all completed this year. This past week, I finished up two of our Oddball Shawls, and have been knitting more rows on a couple of our fullsize Oddball Blankets. I want to get them all sent out and donated this year. It's quite a task!

Here's my list:

Oddball Blankets #1, #2, #3, #5 - Finish knitting, bind off, add border

Oddball Lapghans #1 & #2 - Finish knitting, bind off, add border

Oddball Shawls:
Candy Shop - Complete! ;)
Magic - Complete! :)
Flower Garden - Complete! :D
Shades of Pale, Rainy Day, Angel Wings, and Blossoms of Joy - Still working on.

Oddball Preemie Baby Blankets - I am delivering them this month!!!! YIPPEE!!!
(It took me this long to find the perfect place for them to be donated.)

It will be so wonderful to get all of these projects taken care of.

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