Saturday, March 28, 2009

Working on Our Oddball Charity Lapghan

This weekend, I'm working on repairing our Oddball Lapghan #1, then finishing it up, and giving it to charity. (It's going to a rape crisis center in North Carolina.)

Here's my post on my other blog about the Lapghan Surgery.

In other news...(tee-hee) you all know, I'm CONSTANTLY talking about my charity knitting. Well, the other day, I was at CVS Pharmacy in Indian Trail, talking to the pharmacy clerk there. I was talking about the blankets we make for charity in the Knitting Help Forum, and she said, "Oh! You do charity knitting?" Then, she proceeded to tell me that she had a large afghan that had a small hole. She said that she would gladly give it to me, since I know how to fix things like that. She didn't know if it was knit or crochet. I said that I would gladly take it off her hands.

So, I went there the next week to see if she had brought the afghan. She had...and it's GORGEOUS!
Afghan from CVS Lady

It only has a small tear, which will be so easy to fix. I had originally told her that I would probably unravel the afghan to use the yarn for charity. But this is just too pretty to unravel! In fact, I think I'll check with her to make sure she really wants to part with it.

It's hand-crocheted, with bobbles and pretty designs on the border. Very nice. Warm too.

After I talk to her, I'll fix the blanket. Then, I'll decide what to do with it. I might just snuggle under it for a couple months. ;)

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