Monday, July 6, 2009

I Actually Finished Something!

Unbelievable.....I've actually finished knitting a project. It's been a while.

I've been working on this Oddball Shawl by myself for the past few months. Usually a group of us make these shawls for members of the forum that need our encouragement. But, I had to do this one on my own:
Red Shawl by Shandeh

You see, our shawls are normally made with NICE sportweight or DK yarns. So, they are made with various yarns of many different fibers.

Recently, we wanted to send a shawl to a forum member that needed our encouragement. When I contacted her for her mailing address, she said that she is allergic to wool. I didn't have a single shawl I could give her. So, I just made this one by myself, using different acrylic yarns in my stash. I like the way it turned out. :)

I also have ANOTHER completed knitting project. It was finished last month, but I didn't have a photo. So, I grabbed my camera early this morning and took a quick shot. (See my sock in the photo? I didn't even take time to put on shoes. Ha!)
Summer Wheel Cover

Oh....and pardon the dirty car carpet.
I need to take my little car in for an Auto Bell spa day. (tee-hee)


AuburnChick said...

Nice shawl Sandy! I'm sure the shawl will be much appreciated!

I absolutely LOVE the steering wheel cover! I wonder how your dh feels about it. Does he ever drive your car? LOL

Shandeh said...

Thanks Nathalie!

I think I might make a shawl like that for myself now. It's cozy!

As for the steering wheel hubby HATES them! He always complains whenever he has to drive my car to be inspected. He refuses to drive it any other time. Ha!

I don't mind, really. This way, my car is MINE completely. :D

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