Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Knitting on Overload

My knitting year has been a busy one, and it hasn't slowed down yet. I think I'll finally get a breather in January. (giggle)

Still working on the Christmas stockings for a client. They should be finished by this weekend.
Christmas Stockings Progress

I've also gotten a good start on another project for the Bernat blog. This time, I'm making a pink, cabled hat.

Pink Hat Start

And I just recently found out that the Red Scarf Project (benefits orphans through the Orphan Foundation of America) is short on scarves for this year. So, I've cast on one to help out the cause.

Red Scarf with Bag 2009

And I STILL want to knit some things for my family for Christmas! I wonder if I'll ever get any sleep this month?

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