Friday, January 29, 2010

My New Lovely Alpaca Leaf Pullover

I have fallen in love with my new handknit sweater. It only took a month to knit this lovely "Leaf Pullover", using Bernat's Alpaca yarn.
Alpaca Leaf Pullover Complete 4

I decided to make half-sleeves instead of long sleeves, because it's just more comfortable for me that way. Also, the alpaca yarn is VERY WARM, and I've been so hot lately. (must be having hot flashes - HA!)
Alpaca Leaf Pullover Complete

The pattern for the pullover is in Bernat's "All Alpaca" book. Quick and easy!


Robin said...

Very nice!

Sheila said...

I love that sweater. I am working on my first sock--ever. I think I "talked" to you on a long time ago. I live in NC too. I wanted to learn socks way back then but it just now clicked for me. It takes me a while to get things straight in my mind but once something clicks--look out!!! I am loving sock knitting so far. I'm already planning other things I can make since I can understand things better now. Love the things you knit--some day I want to be as good!!

Shandeh said...

Thank you, Robin and Sheila! I can't believe I actually knit this sweater. If it wasn't for Knitting Help, I would not have even attempted it.

Hi Sheila! You can do it! It's just like Ingrid on KH says, "Trust the pattern". Somehow, it all falls into place as you are knitting. Glad you figured out the socks!

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