Thursday, July 8, 2010

Knitting Students Learning Well!

I'm SO proud of my knitting students. They are quickly learning, and making projects to keep and share. So far, they have made napkin rings, a bracelet, an anklet, sachets, hula doll puppets, dishcloths, and hair scrunchies. Now, two of my students are learning to knit drop-stitch scarves as well!

This past week, I taught two of my students basic crochet stitches, and they did their best to understand. I think they are better at knitting, which is a surprise to me!

I taught my two older students how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid. They did much better than I did with their dyeing! In this photo, you can see the four skeins we completed. They did the first two, and I did the two on the right.

Kool-Aid Dyeing Day

Abby used blue and pink Kool-Aid, Melissa used blue and yellow for hers. I used orange Kool-Aid on the stovetop for the solid orange yarn, and used blue, red, and yellow for the variegated skein. We had fun!

We used this tutorial for our Kool-Aid dyeing:

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