Monday, January 31, 2011

Bernat's Fast Cowl Patterns

I have noticed lately that cowls are very much in style. Scarves are popular too, but cowls are easier to wear. No need to tuck in any ends when you wear them. And they are very quick to make! Not much yarn either. Great for a fast, fun project. And you can wear them every day this time of year. Love it!

Here are some nice cowl patterns I've found on the Bernat Yarn website.

Bernat Yarn Cowl Patterns:

Crocheted Alpaca Cluster Cowl
Bernat's "Alpaca Natural Blends" yarn is so soft!
Bernat Cluster Cowl Bernat Alpaca Yarn

Knitted Mosaic Cowl
I would love to see this cowl made with each of the beautiful colors of Bernat "Mosaic" yarn.
Bernat Mosaic Cowl Bernat Mosaic Yarn Colors

Crochet Alpaca Hooded Cowl
Bernat Crochet Alpaca Hooded Cowl Bernat Alpaca Yarn

Knitted Roving "Last Minute" Cowl
I really love the look of this one, because of the pretty cables. And the "Roving" yarn is very thick, so this would be SUPER fast to knit!
Bernat Knitted Roving Last Minute Cowl Bernat Roving Yarn

Crocheted Softee Chunky Neckwarmer
This neckwarmer looks so classy! And would be perfect to show off some fancy buttons. It could be made with any of Bernat's "bulky" yarns.
Bernat Crochet Softee Chunky Neckwarmer Bernat Bulky Yarns

I want to make some cowls for myself, my friends, and some family members. Now, I just need to decide which ones I like best!

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