Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beautiful, Frothy, Lightweight French Scarf

I am so in love with this pattern!!
(French Scarf by Ellene Warren)

After just a week, I'm already halfway through!
Changing to Next Set of Yarns

I started out, with the plan of using these four yarns:
Yarns for Orange, Yellow, Coral Wrap

I knit the first section, using the ONline Linie 43 Punta in the darker shade, and the Plassard Flore mohair in orange.
French Scarf - Good Start

When I ran out of those yarns, I started the next section with the Debbie Bliss "Angel". Unfortunately, that yarn is too thin for this project. It's a kid mohair, so it will have to wait for a lace scarf or something.

After searching through my stash, I found three skeins of Ormo mohair/acrylic blend. It's a variegated yarn, with orange, yellow, and green in the mix. I held it up to the scarf, and it looked like a good match. It's thinner than the Plassard Flore, but not TOO thin. So far, so good.
Mohair Variegated

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