Saturday, July 7, 2007

Moving my Craft Room - But Still Knitting!

I've decided to move my craft room to a larger room in our house. My hubby will be using my former craft room as his "cave". He is SO excited about having his own space in our house. Up til now, he's just hung out wherever, without complaining. I told him that he needs his own room for his hobbies and collections. He can escape from the world in there when he gets home from work. He deserves it, because he works so many hours at Chick-Fil-A. (and I love him a lot!)

So, for the past few days, I've been taking out all my craft stuff, and putting all the remaining furniture in the center of the room so we could paint the walls a different color for him. (Right now, the walls are dark blue, because it used to be my son's bedroom.)
Away from Wall

Today, we painted white primer on all the walls, and now it's finally ready for color. He's chosen a pretty beige, which should make the room look real nice.
Base Paint Done

Here's all my craft stuff, taking over the living room:
Craft Stuff in Living Room

In the midst of all this change, I've had to do without my craft room. :(
The room I will be moving into is filled with boxes and boxes of junk.
(We used to rent a large storage unit, but got sick of paying $100 a month for it!)
Junk in Craft Room

So now, my task is to go through all those boxes of junk. Take some of it to Goodwill, give some of it away, sell some of it on eBay, and store the rest of it in one corner of the room, or up in our attic.

Then, FINALLY, I'll have space for a craft room again. I'm REALLY looking forward to using that room. It's has lots of space!!

During all this craziness, I've still been knitting.

Here's the progress on my son's ankle socks (I've turned the heel!):
Josh's Socks - Heel is turned!

The Harry Potter Scarf:
Harry Potter Scarf 5

And a lace scarf I'm designing, using mohair yarn in a LOVELY color:
Orange Mohair - Lace Scarf

And did I mention that I found a 100% cashmere sweater at a Goodwill Thrift store for $3.79?
Ann Taylor Cashmere Sweater

I've already unravelled it, and now am the proud owner of almost 14 ounces of CASHMERE!!
Unravelling - CASHMERE


Rennagayle said...

Hey, Sandy. I love reading your posts on Knitting Help, but somehow it escaped me that you have a blog.

I can so relate to the stacks of boxes. Dh and I had been paying $50 a month for years and years to store "junk". Seriously, you wouldn't believe how much of it I either trashed or gave away to Goodwill, once we finally bit the bullet and did away with the rental.

The rest of it is still stacked in the garage (much to dh's consternation).

Your dh's cave is cool. You've inspired me to do something similar for my dh. He gets so aggravated by the noise of the dishwasher or washing machine or dryer or tv or, well you get the drift, when he's trying to do paperwork.

Awesome find on the cashmere!!!

unkoine said...

Hello, my friend! *hug*

It's nice to find a soulmate.

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