Friday, January 18, 2008

Craft Room Chaos

My poor craft room suffered a bit during the holidays. :(

I was busy at church, with all our Christmas music (I'm the organist), and was busy with Christmas music for all my piano students as well. I was also involved with learning how to be a moderator on the Knitting Help Forum. And, there were lots of Christmas gatherings to attend for church and family.

On top of all that, all of our charity Oddball Blankets, Oddball Shawls, and Oddball Baby Blankets were going strong. (I started those projects in February of 2007).

So, the only thing I did in my craft room was to throw bags of yarn in there occasionally. So, it didn't look too good yesterday morning.
Chaos After Christmas

I decided to get in there, and set it all right. I was tired of avoiding piles of projects, just to sit in my knitting chair.

I didn't have to do anything to my bookcase, which contains my knitting patterns, books, and magazines. It looked pretty good.
Knitting Books, Needles, Magazines

But, the rest of the room was in bad shape. So, I dove in and started moving things around, just to make sense of it. After a couple hours, it was looking much better!
Craft Room is Getting Better

I'm really glad I did it. Now, I can actually walk into the room and sit in my knitting chair, without worrying about falling down, or causing a yarn avalanche. :P

And good thing I did the organization, because I found a LOT of knitting patterns sitting around, that need to be put in my binders.
Stack of Knitting Patterns

Binders for Knitting Patterns

They are a mish-mash of different patterns I have bought or printed from the internet. They really need to be organized, so I can find them. What a novel idea! (tee-hee)

And I finally got all my vintage Workbasket magazines in one stack, instead of all spread out on the floor. Now, if I could just USE those patterns! I have been collecting those magazines by watching eBay auctions for the past few years. Now, I own 382 copies of them (that includes SEVERAL duplicates). I need to get together all the duplicates, and sell them on eBay myself!
LOTS of Vintage Workbasket Magazines

But, I still have another project I need to work on in there. Organizing a BOATLOAD of yarn I've been throwing behind my knitting chair. Ha!
Yarn in Hiding

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iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Oh, I would love to have a 'craft room'.. that is my dream someday.

You're doing a great job.. want to come to my place and sort through my things for me? :D

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