Friday, January 18, 2008

More Knitting for Charity

For the past couple weeks, I've been hard at work, getting some more Oddball Baby Blankets started. Right now, we have 8 blankets started, and they are travelling all over the world, to be completed by other knitters. Each knitter knits for 4 inches, then sends the blanket to the next knitter, until it is complete. When they are finished, they will be given to a children's hospital.

Here are the blankets we're working on:

Peppy Pastels - ALMOST FINISHED!!
Peppy Pastels after Jhelanee

Fruity Loops
Fruity Loops After Auburnchick

Sunny Day
Sunny Days Baby Blanket - Beginning

Mexican Fiesta
Mexican Fiesta after Secksiebrat

Neon Fun
Neon Fun Beginning

Circus Fun - Our Blanket in England!
Circus Fun Beginning

Patriotic Party
Patriotic Party Beginning

(the 8th blanket, called "Crayola Box" has disappeared. I hope it turns up soon!)

We are about to start 4 more blankets as well. Our Knitting Help Forum knitters really like making these baby blankets! :D

Purple Paradise

Shamrock Hills

Fairy Dance

Gorgeous Grapes

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